Food Additives


Anti Caking Agents, Mineral Salts E500 - E597

Number Name Comments
E500Sodium carbonades e500 has no known adverse effects in small quantities
E501Potassium carbonates no known adverse effects
E504Magnesium carbonate medically used as an antacid and laxative
E507Hydrochloric acid safe in small quantities
E508Potassium chloride large quantities can cause gastric ulceration
E509Calcium chloride no known adverse effects
E510Ammonium chloride should be avoided by people with impaired liver or kidney function. Typical products are flour products
E511Magnesium chloride magnesium is an essential mineral
E513Sulphuric acid not permitted in Australias
E514Sodium sulphate see E410
E515Potassium sulphate no known adverse effects
E516Calcium sulphate no known adverse effectse
E518Magnesium sulphate laxative
E519Copper sulphate essential mineral
E524Sodium hydroxide not permitted in Australia
E525Potassium hydroxide not permitted in Australia
E526Calcium hydroxide no adverse effects in small quantities
E527Ammonium hydroxide not permitted in Australia
E528Magnesium hydroxide not permitted in Australia
E529Calcium oxide safe in small quantities
E530Magnesium oxide not permitted in Australia
E535Sodium ferrocyanide no adverse effects known
E536Potassium ferrocyanide low toxicity
E540Dicalcium diphosphate not permitted in Australia
E541Sodium aluminium phosphate not permitted in Australia
E542Bone phosphate no known adverse effects
E544Calcium polyphosphates not permitted in Australia
E545Ammonium polyphosphate not permitted in Australia
E551Silicon dioxide no adverse effects are known in food use
E552Calcium silicate no known adverse effects, antacid
E553(a)Magnesium silicates not permitted in Australia
E553(b)Talc has been linked to stomach cancer, typical products are polished rice, chocolate, confectionary
E554Sodium aluminium silicate Aluminium is known to be neurtoxic
E556Calcium aluminium silicate see E554
E558Bentonite no known adverse effects
E559Kaolins no known adverse effects
E570Stearic acid no known adverse effects
E572Magnesium stearate no known adverse effects in food use
E575Glucono delta-lactone no known adverse effects
E576Sodium gluconate not permitted in Australia
E577Potassium gluconate no known adverse effects
E578Calcium gluconate no known adverse effects
E579Ferrous gluconate seems safe in small quantities