Food Additives


Miscellaneous E900 - E1520

Number Name Comments
E900Dimethylpoly-siloxane no known adverse effects
E901Beeswaxes occasionally causes allergic reactions
E903Carnauba wax occasionally causes allergic reactions
E904Shellac occasionally causes irritations of the skin
E905Paraffins may inhibit absorption of fats and fat soluble vitamins, mild laxative, there may be a link to bowel cancer. Typical products are dried fruit, confectionary, collagen
E907Calcium chloride not permitted in Australia
E920L-cysteine and its hydrochlorides no known adverse effectse
E924Potassium bromat large quantities can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, pain. Typical products are flour products
E925Chlorine destroys nutrients, carcinogen, in some areas tab water is contaminated with it, to make it 'safer' to drink. Typical products are flour products
E926Chlorine dioxide well.....basically see E925
E927Azodicarbonamide not permitted in Australia
E928Benzol peroxide asthmatics and people with a history of allergies BEWARE, see E210
E931Nitrogen seems safe
E932Nitrous oxide seems quite safe in small quantities
E950Acesulphane potassium ???
E951Aspartame artificial sweetener, too many adverse effects possible to list!!!
E952Cyclamic acid possible carcinogen, not permitted in the USA and UK
E954Saccharines not too bad in small amounts, I think
E957Thaumatin artificial sweetener; put it that way....the 'acceptable' daily intake has not been specified.
E965Hydrogenated glucose syrup mild laxative
E967Xylitol nobody knows
E1200Polydextrose seems safe in small doses
E1201Polyvinylpyrrolidone no adverse effects known
E1202Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone no adverse effects known
E1400 - 1450Starches no known adverse effects
E1505Triethyl acetate part becomes alcohol in the body
E1510Ethanol alcohol
E1517, E1518Glycerol acetates seems safe
E1520Propylene glycol Food additive 1520 is known to be toxic at 'high doses'